Funding and PPP

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  • Introducing key concepts and principles of funding and PPP for a good public transport system and their potential contradictions
  • Discover different ways of building a funding strategy at the city level
  • Get a hold on what PPPs are and what are they key ingredients for their success
  • Learn about the different risk sharing mechanisms in different PPP models available
  • Learn from international best practice on the application of such tools
  • Apply the concepts and tools through didactic and dynamic workshops

Target Audience

  • Economists, financial experts, policy makers and project managers from public transport operators and authorities seeking to learn more about infrastructure investment and cost-effective approaches to operations
  • Companies and cities looking to introduce and apply new concepts such as Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
  • Third parties involved in the investment of capital projects and development of public transport systems (national and international banks, development agencies, private stakeholders, etc)
  • Professionals interested in obtaining a wider and international perspective on funding options and financial mechanisms and eager to learn more from international best practice
  • The course welcomes junior and senior participants worldwide



Funding and Financing of Public Transport

Introduction to Public Private Partnership Model

PPP Policies and Project Selection Strategies for key public transport projects

Project Screening, Feasibility, and Structuring Techniques for public transport sector projects

Establishment of Right Business Model, Different models used in public transport

Analysis of Partners, Risk Sharing between Partners

Project Procurement, Negotiation, and Monitoring of PPP Public Transport Projects

Project Financial Modeling and Credit Enhancement Techniques

Case Study Analysis, Best and Worst Practices, Success Factors