Auction of Taxi Operation Cards in the Kingdom of Bahrain

As part of its initiatives to improve the Land Transport Sector within the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications (MTT), intends to progressively improve the taxi sector in t Kingdom to ensure that citizens and residents have access to safe, reliable and high quality taxi services. Improved taxi services are crucial for the economic, social and environmental development of Bahrain.


As such, MTT issued the ministerial order number (1) for the year 2017 specifically stipulating the rules and regulations related to the taxi and call taxi companies and establishments; whereby clause (4) gives the Ministry the right to publicly auction a number of taxi / call taxi operational cards to interested companies.



Auction Title

Auction No.

Auction Fees


Initial Bond


Auction Closing

DAY& Date








27th September 2017




·       In essence, MTT invites interested companies to participate in the auction process. Prospective applicants (independent firms or lead applicants in case of joint ventures) are expected to comply to submit a bid for a minimum of 65 operational cards comprising of 50 operational cards for Taxi vehicles and 15 operational cards for Call Taxi vehicles. Interested companies are kindly requested to:


·       Purchase the Auction documents online through the e-Tendering portal at Documents can be purchased starting Monday14th August 2017 till the above mentioned closing date / time .


·       For any queries or assistance related to e-Auctioning, please contact the Tender Board help desk on Tel: 17566617, e-Mail .


·       Deposit each Auction Submission in the Auction box provided at the TENDER BOARD’S OFFICES at Arcapita Building at Bahrain Bay-Ground Floor-Manama along with an initial bond as specified above or at the rate of 1% of the quotation value, whichever amount is the lesser, provided that no initial Bond’s value shall be less than B.D. 100/-, in the form of a Certified Cheque, Bank Guarantee or Insurance Policy valid for the duration specified in the tender documents.


·       Articles of the Decree by Law No. 36 for 2002, regarding the regulation of Government Tenders and Purchases, together with its executive regulations issued in Decree No. 37 for 2002, must be observed. The following conditions must also be observed:

          1.       Enclose a copy of the Commercial Registration Certificate for the current year, which must include the Tender Subject as one of its activities.

          2.       Submit their Grand Prices and Unit Prices (according to conditions) on Form No. TB 02.

          3.       Enclose a copy of a valid Certificate of Compliance with the Employment Percentage for Bahraini Manpower issued by Ministry of Labour.

          4.       All documents submitted as part of the tender (original or copies) must bear the stamp of the Company, Establishment or the bidding authority.


·       For any further inquiries kindly contact Director, Land Transportation Regulation, Ms. Safa AlTajir at Tel: +973 17337810 / 17337802, Fax +973 17533544 and Email: